Best Practice Ecommerce Bookkeeping Tips 
for Xero Users

Zaneta Gorgievski
5 months agoJuly 14, 2021
Very informative, however would like more information on how the refunds work when using Crossbeam, also how the RMAs get mapped and sent to Xero (for example Return to Stock, Write off etc)
Tracey Newman
5 months agoJuly 16, 2021
Hello Zaneta!  
- If the refunds are paid to the client, they are synced by Crossbeam to Xero as a reduction of the payout (or a sales credit note).  If the refunds are held on credit for the client to use in the future, Crossbeam does not sync these as it is a cash sync only.  I hope this helps.
Trevor Taylor
5 months agoJuly 15, 2021
Aged Receivables Report and Customer Statements in Commerce Cloud included approved Orders. The data should be limited to Completed / Dispatched invoices ONLY.

Running a Commerce Cloud Stock Valuation Report a any point in time is seen as a critical functionality that is not available.

Additionally, if Crossbeam extends functionality to include Purchase Orders, current workflow exports multiple NIL value lineitems. It should only export lines with values
Tracey Newman
5 months agoJuly 16, 2021
Hi Trevor
- I completely agree with your comment about the aged receivables report in Commerce Cloud should only include dispatched invoices - really, before that point the sales order is still an order.  I've raised this with Commerce Cloud previously.
- And I also agree that being able to run a stock valuation report retrospectively as a  particular date is critical functionality.  I have also raised this with Commerce Cloud
- Your comments re the purchase orders are noted.  As I mentioned in the presentation, best practice would be to raise the purchase order in Commerce Cloud until goods land, so it is not advisable to sync the purchase order with Xero.  I'd recommend you treat any supplier deposits as a supplier overpayment in Xero, until the real creditor invoice is raised, and then apply the overpayment to the supplier invoice.  This process works well in Xero.
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